Strong beliefs, weakly held:

  • You should be extremely passionate about something or seek to find a passion.
  • Most people who are experts in a field are experts in many field, e.g. I know CS whizzes who are global elite in CSGO, nationally ranked athletes who excel at private equity, etc.
  • Maximizing luck surface area is way more important than maximizing any single life vector.
  • You have a few years to differentiate yourself out of college before the next batch of college kids come for your jobs since education always accelerates. College physics students now know physics 100x better than Newton ever did.
  • AI is likely to usurp power from traditionalists in nearly every industry, and those equipped with AI tools will quickly surpass those without.
  • It is overwhelmingly easy to do nothing. Sitting on the sidelines during inflection points can lead to major regrets.
  • Not all writers are thinkers, not all engineers are builders.
  • You can work on things that yield no returns, linear returns, or superlinear returns. Even if choosing a field is hard, it is obvious that learning something daily will compound absurdly quickly.
  • Open source is unbelievably important.