A growing tech stack of tools I’m familiar with and enjoy using. Mainly used for reference when deciding what stack to build new projects with.

Data Handling

  • Web Scraping: Trafilatura, BeautifulSoup4, Selenium, git-scrape
  • Data Manipulation: Pandas


  • Frameworks: FastAPI
  • Databases: Supabase, Chroma, Firebase, Postgres
  • Serverless: AWS Lambda, Modal Labs, Digital Ocean, Val.town
  • Caching: Redis


  • Frameworks: Next.js, React
  • Design: Tailwind, shadcn
  • Icons: Iconic.app
  • Compute: WebGPU

Machine Learning

  • Libraries & Platforms: NumPy, PyTorch, CUDA
  • Embeddings: OpenAI embeddings, Sentence-transformers, Turbopuffer
  • GPU Providers: Lambda Labs, Vast.ai, Runpod
  • TTS: Eleven Labs, PlayHT
  • LLM Inference: OpenAI, pplx-api, Anthropic, Anyscale Endpoints
  • OCR: Tesseract.js

Deployment & Operations

  • Deployment: Vercel, GitHub Pages, Railway, Cloudflare
  • Domain Management: Google Domains


  • CLI Tools: Fabric
  • Multiplayer: Rustpad, sshx
  • Browser: Arc, Braid, Metaphor